Warren Laine-Naida's artistic journey with chocolate has taken him from the kitchen to the studio. His fascination with the theory of art, and with chocolate as an art medium, have inspired his chocolate works. His art has been seen around the globe. Try his latest chocolate recipe as seen on Rogers TV's daytime!
the book:

art in chocolate
by warren laine-naida
photos by konstantin mihov
Aschenbeck verlag

Another book:

The University Club: A Campus Affair
One Campus, Two Chefs, a Piece of Cake.
Coming in 2013

the art:

Deconstructing the new seasonal textures, Fall in Bremen Germany ... more

the food:

Chocolate workshops and recipes from Rogers TV daytime ... more

the events:

Chocolate Workshop - College 3 Jacobs University, Bremen 08.11.2012
Arts Project, Art Frenzy! London, Ontario 09. - 13.10.2012
Zart & Bitter Schloss Neuenbürg, Germany 23.03. - 22.07.2012
Rogers TV's daytime with Ken & Sabrina
London, Ontario 01.03.2012
Rogers TV's daytime with Ken & Sabrina
London, Ontario 06.02.2012
Rogers TV's daytime with Darrin & Sabrina
London, Ontario 03.03.2011
Rogers TV's daytime with Darrin & Sabrina
London, Ontario 16.02.2011
Chocolate Month at Brennan's Beer & Bistro London, Ontario 02.2011
chocolate workshop
demonstration and class

@ The Bluehouse
Bremen, Germany

the press:

Czekolada w sztuce, sztuka w czekoladzie Sekrety Czekolady (04.17.11)
Süße Unikate aus Schokolade
Weser Kurier (03.12.10)
Tasteologie. delectable links we love ... (08.11.10)
Warren Laine-Naida и его великолепные работы
Шоколад (22.10.10)
Chocolate Unwrapped
arts and collections (5.10.10)
Süßes auf Abwegen
FAZ (5.10.10)
Schokolade & Kunst: Neue Ausstellung von Warren Laine-Naida
edelight. Vivian's Schokolade Blog.
Schokolade in der Kunst
Eine kunstgeschichtliche Materialprüfung

Constanze Küsel. Frankfurt University Press. September 2010.
Schokolade in der Kunst
Johanna Riedel (01.10)

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Art in Chocolate | Kunst in Schokolade | Искусство в шоколаде | L’art dans le chocolate | Arte en Chocolate | チョコレートの美学
Most images shown by Konstantin Mihov

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